A day at the Magic Attic

Morning time
Children begin the day by taking part in quiet activities such as painting, creating a felt story, or playing with math manipulatives.  The school is a prepared environment that includes materials connected to a monthly theme, inspiring imaginative play and exploration.

Circle time
This is the time where we circle together to sing songs,  play a cooperative game, or act out a folk story.   Calendar time and sharing time are also part of our daily routine.  This is the time of day when Music Together or Spanish Lango happen once a week. ‚Äč

Snack time
We have a community snack together, where we encourage healthy eating and trying new foods.

Indoor play time
During this hour children freely choose any area of the school to get involved in play and exploration.  They may get their hands into some rainbow rice in the sensory table, put on a puppet show in the puppet theater, or build imaginary creatures with manipulatives.  We may make play dough or explore painting with marbles.  The attic, with its rotating dramatic play area and stand-bys like the kitchen and dress-up areas,  is often the place children spend their play time.  

Outside time
We spend at least an hour outside each day.  This is a time for children to exercise their bodies and explore nature.  The outside space includes places to dig, climb, ride, and imagine.  In addition to slides, bikes, and balance beams, natural materials such as sticks, rocks, shells, dirt, sand, and water lead to creative play and construction.  The kids are actively involved in gardening and creating habitats for wildlife, as well as caring for our pet indoor/outdoor bunnies.

We all sit together for lunch,  at our outdoor picnic tables whenever possible.  This is a time to be together as a classroom community.  Just like in your own families, mealtime is often a time when kids and teachers connect on a different level,  sharing stories about the day or our lives.

End of Day
We have a short story time as kids finish eating.  At 12:30 we call the families to join us for our closing circle, where we sing our goodbye song and connect as a school community.